5. You Want Something? Go Get It. Period.

This last moving little film clip on my list will take you less than a minute to watch, and I guarantee that you’ll be inspired!

When you find and begin tapping into your true source of ‘inner strength,’ anything is possible to achieve.

In your pursuit of turning your visions into reality, be sure to draw upon the powerful resources that you have available to you.

These powerful resources include the following:

a. First of all, do a mental, emotional, and spiritual ‘cleansing.’  Keep the TV and talk radio turned off.  Instead, constantly read, listen to, and watch inspirational and empowering books, articles, audios, and videos. Some of the authors & speakers that I recommend are Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Joel Osteen, Denis Waitley, and Wayne Dyer, among others. The works of many of these authors are available at your local library; and portions of their works are available to read and watch for free on the internet.
b. Commit to spend 5 to 15 minutes each day in meditation, quiet reflection, and/or affirmative prayer. The power of these practices can truly move mountains in your life.

c. Consider getting a life coach or personal coach. There are lots of good ones out there! Just do a web search to locate some in your area.  If cost is a factor and you can’t afford a personal coach right now, then, at least seek out someone who can be a mentor or role model to you, if possible, in some way.
d. Create an empowering peer group.  Seek out and contact people who are also intent on transforming their lives, becoming their best, staying optimistic, and empowering themselves and others.  We can’t choose our family, but we can choose our friends and peers. The people we associate with on a regular basis greatly influence our frame of mind and our outlook on life. Love your family members, but if they are pessimistic and resentful, and if they attempt to discourage and belittle you often, you can love them “from a distance.” Instead, associate and interact more often with the peers & friends whom you’ve chosen, who are positive, uplifting, and inspiring to you. (And you be the same way for them!)
e. Finally, “Give to Get.” This is a powerful little concept, which can transform and revolutionize your life.  Whatever it is in your life that you’re in need of and lacking, go out and find a way to give THAT SAME THING to other people.  If you’re financially lacking, seek out a way to give and contribute to others who are worse off (e.g., homeless). Even if it’s just volunteering your time (e.g., serving food at a shelter or food bank), that still counts.  Be aware of the power of “tithing.” Give at least 10% of all you earn each month to a needy organization or church/synagogue.  You will be amazed at how you’ll receive back so much more than you give.  Also, if you’re lonely and in need of friends or a relationship, seek someone out to whom YOU can be a good friend to, and keep your focus on THEM and their needs. If your problem is depression or other disempowering emotion, go out and find someone else who is in need of encouragement, and provide that to them (e.g., perhaps visit a nursing home, etc, once or twice a month). You will see how your problems will begin to diminish, and you’ll be rewarded, in abundance, with that which you’re willing to give away to others first.

The best of success and happiness to you.

– Eric Falcon
“Unleash Your Inner Strength!”

Clip Note:  The Pursuit of Happyness, starring Will Smith, is based on the true story of Chris Gardner, who went from being homeless, while caring for his young son…to eventually becoming a millionaire, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and philanthropist.  This overcomer found and tapped into his inner strength.

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  1. Aaron Morgan says:

    This was a great thing for me LOA REMEMEBR THE NAME AARON MORGAN

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