It’s Not About How Hard You’re Hit…

October 16, 2010

This little video clip is just 45 short seconds.  Taking the time to see it may be one of the best choices you make today. I know this clip will add fuel to your inner tank.

It’s not about “how hard you are hit” by the things in your life…it’s really not!

It’s about “how hard you can get hit…and keep movin’ forward…”

Take a moment to consider people who’ve been dealt serious challenges in their lives like Helen Keller, Franklin D. Roosevelt, or Wilma Rudolph.

These inspirational people, and countless other not-so-famous ones, overcame the “hits” which life and fate dealt them…and they kept on going, despite it all.

They kept on persevering…and striving to give their best…and attempting to become the best woman or man that they possibly could become…despite being dealt serious physical challenges.

Whether you’re (‘so-called’) young or old…whether the challenges in your life are new ones, or long-standing ones… let the words that are spoken in this video clip sink into your soul. They’re being spoken to you.


Strength to Keep Moving Forward In Life:

One of the things I attempt to do daily to cultivate spiritual strength is to spend a small amount of time in quiet meditation.

I encourage you to do the same.

5 – 15 minutes a day will do just fine; spend longer if you wish, and when you have the time.

And then, learn to “get out of your own way,” as the saying goes….

Because there’s a power and an ‘inner strength’ within you, which is innate to every life form… that wants to keep on living…that wants to keep enjoying the experience of life….that seeks to keep growing…and to keep deepening in character…

These things that I just mentioned by the way, are the things that the phrase “keep moving forward” encompasses, to me.


The two most fulfilling aims you can have in your life are 1. constant personal growth, along with 2. service to others.

We’re here both to receive and to give.

We’re here to receive the good things, as well as the growth experiences, which life has to provide us and offer us…

And we’re here to give back to life as well…to contribute to the lives of others.

That’s the two-fold personal philosophy that I live my life by – I encourage you to adopt it as well.

One final tip – learn to view every so-called problem, difficulty, painful experience, and setback which you encounter in your life…as a “challenge.”

In my vocabulary, the only word I ever use now to label a difficulty is the word “challenge.”

ALL challenges we face in our lives…can serve as MEANS for furthering our personal growth, our level of wisdom, and our maturity…as well as for expanding our capacity for compassion and understanding, which we can then extend in useful service towards others.

I know you’re capable of this. It’s inside you!!

“The spark divine dwells in thee: let it grow.” – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

– Eric Falcon

The Inner Strength Coach(TM)

Notes: Helen Keller was deaf and blind, yet she became a respected author, inspirational lecturer, and activist. Wilma Rudolph and Franklin Roosevelt were both markedly stricken by polio; she in childhood and he at age 39. She went on to win three Olympic gold medals and he went on to become a US President.

A Few Moving and Inspiring Songs For You

September 15, 2010

Sometimes there’s nothing quite like a moving and stimulating song to completely recharge you, when you need a little extra ‘lift’ or motivation; perhaps to go tackle a workout, or work on a project you want to accomplish.

Here are a few of my very favorite music video clips, which I watch and listen to on occasion, when I want to be refueled and encouraged. I believe you’ll find great inspiration in checking these out and I recommend them highly.

(Optimizing your speakers is recommended.)

This first song is called “God Bless the Broken Road,” and is sung by the musical group Rascal Flatts.

You know, there is nothing more precious in life than experiencing and feeling gratitude to God, for the things that we have been blessed with in our lives….that includes both what we consider to be our ‘victories,’ as well as the ‘broken roads’ that we’ve had to travel to reach to them.


This next song is called “We’ve Got Tonight,” which was written by Bob Seger and is sung here by Lulu and Ronan Keating in this music video.

“Lulu” Kennedy-Cairns is a legendary singer and actress from Scotland who got her start in show business back in the 60’s. Ronan Keating is a famous singer-performer who hails from Ireland.  Both combined their singing talents to revive this beautiful duet.

I realize that this is a love song and of course I think of it that way.

However, part of me is reminded by it that this moment is the only one that I ever really have…we’re all called to use each and every moment to the very best of our abilities.

Like Rascal Flatts in the first video, I believe that Lulu and Ronan Keating are great examples of people who’ve endeavored to perfect their chosen crafts, in this case singing; and are two people who embody a spirit of excellence, which is evident in their shows and performances.

Look, it’s pointless and silly to ever attempt to compare ourselves with others…. But rather, the point here is that we can seek to be the very best that we can be, and give the very best of who we are…to each precious moment of time that we have.


This third song is called “He Is Able,” and is sung by Wintley Phipps. I never get tired of listening to this heart lifing song and dwelling on its message.

Well, I don’t think I need to say much as an introduction. I’ll let Wintley say it all.

(Yes, that’s a young Oprah Winfrey you’ll see who was in attendance in the audience, singing along, at about 1:37.)


This fourth song is called My Tribute (To God Be The Glory), and is sung by Marilyn McCoo.

If I were to pick the lyrics of a song that expresses the message of both what I want my life to be about, as well as what I want to say with my parting breaths, this is it.

And Marilyn’s performance is sheer brilliance.

“Rocky” Training Montages

November 29, 2008


You can’t help but be tremendously inspired while watching these training scenes, known as “montages,” from the epic ‘Rocky’ movie series.

Take some time to view these clips whenever you find yourself needing a little encouragement or motivation to get up and get going.  Let them help you to connect with your vision and your passion…and feel the fire in your soul again.

Sylvester Stallone helped to start a physical fitness revolution in the USA, when his unique and inspiring film ‘Rocky’ hit the movie theaters way back in 1976.   Millions of men and women still continue to be inspired and motivated to realize their full potentials for fitness and health, because of the Rocky film series.  This includes Sylvester Stallone himself, who’s still running and lifting strong daily….while in his early/mid 60’s!

The video clips are all below.  Click on each one to view.

(If you don’t see them below, please click here to go to my “More Inspiration” section, and then scroll downward.) 




Rocky 6

November 29, 2008


Rocky III

November 29, 2008


Rocky II

November 29, 2008


Rocky I

November 29, 2008


Rocky Film Series Info

November 29, 2008

Rocky Balboa (Rocky 6) is available at:



Rocky I – IV are available at: