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Hi! I’m Eric Falcon and thanks for visiting my site. A live event with me is like none other! You will come away feeling inspired, awakened, rejuevenated, and compelled towards excellence and success in your life – just like so many others!

Watch my introductory video now, and then read my testimonials below. I look forward to meeting you soon!





The Power of Emotions Workshop

with Eric Falcon

Santa Monica, CA   February 28, 2008


“High Energy speaker…”  – Warren


“Wonderful atmosphere.  I am inspired…”  – Bianca


“[I] Definitely [gained] a few useful tools for my toolbox…”  – John


“He was a GREAT speaker – I learned a lot & will be able to USE it in my life” – Nicole


“What a great presentation!  Fantastic material!”  – Maria


More comments from attendees at this event:


“Eric was very energetic and knowledgeable.”


“It was very positive and growth-encouraging. THANK YOU.”


“You gave us a Tony Robbins weekend in 2 hours!!”


“Everything was great. I love it.”


“The visuals were very good. Eric had a friendly accessible tone.”


“I was inspired by the entire presentation. Extraordinary.  You were absolutely amazing and inspiring. Very empowering.”


“I think you did a remarkable job.”


“Great workshop. Thank you.”


“Thank you so much for giving back…”




Inspired-4-Life Presentation

with Eric Falcon

Boulder, Colorado   February 10, 2008


“I’ve just been listening to Eric speak, and he was wonderful.  He’s very insightful, very knowledgeable, and he has a very important message to put across. And, he was also quite funny.  The thing was, more than anything, he was inspirational.  He’s inspired me to look at some of the things in my life. He’s inspired me to put an even bigger message across to my clients, so that they can get better results.  So, if anyone out there is thinking of booking Eric, to listen to him speak, they will get absolutely tremendous value. And, I would recommend him to anybody.”   

– Alistair Lobo 

  Peak Performance Business Coach – U.K.

  (Full name used by permission)


“Eric has such an unbelievable passion when he’s on stage.  He has such an ability to combine a sense of humor with an absolute love for what he does.”   – Alex Ortner 

Entrepreneur – U.S.A.

(Full name used by permission)


“…He has a very powerful presence when he’s on stage, and he definitely moved the audience to take action immediately….” 

– Daniel Ash 

  Entrepreneur – California

  (Full name used by permission)


“I’ve just heard Eric speak; he was so amazing with his message.  I have been left with so much inspiration… I just have taken massive action in my life.” 

– Dipti Patel 

Image Consultant – U.K.

(Full name used by permission)


“Eric is a FANTASTIC resource.  Not only is he abundantly rich as far as his knowledge, of what he does, but also, he CARES; he’s got an enormous heart.  I really, really, really have enjoyed my time that I’ve spent with him.”   – Joe Williams 

Author and Entrepreneur – Colorado

(Full name used by permission)




“The Science of Success and the Art of Fulfillment” Workshop

with Eric Falcon

Los Angeles, CA    January 10, 2008 


“This was very helpful…Great job!”


“Great job. Want more workshops!”


“Everything was very interesting and informative…I feel better now than before the class!”




Personal Coaching Client of Eric Falcon

October 2007


“Working with Eric is an absolute delight.  His committed coaching led me to my outcome, and to even more than I could anticipate.  Eric’s coaching comes from the heart and he holds himself to an outstanding standard.  With his help I have regained my trust in other people that I lost more than 2 decades ago, all in a couple of hours.  Eric will offer you total presence and commitment, and he will serve you until you reach the result you desire.  A rare gem among coaches; his brilliance and faith in you, your ability, and strengths will be unprecedented in your life.”  

– Susanne S., Stockholm

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