Morning Yoga Sun Salutation

Yoga is one of the best things that you can do for your body, mind, and spirit. I practice it regularly and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Ideally, you should seek out classes at a yoga studio or gym in your area, where you can get started with your practice. Also, using DVD’s and video clips at home is a great second-best alternative, or adjuct to, practicing yoga in a studio.

Here is a simple Sun Salutation that you can learn, and then perform each morning. It’s a great way to start out the day, since it helps to cleanse and renew your body.

Watch the clip a few times, and then begin to learn by practicing and following along. (It helps to go slowly with it, by stopping and starting the video clip as needed, while you learn the routine, one section at a time.)

(Credit and thanks go to for this excellent Sun Salutation demonstration. This can be seen from both left and right sides, since there are two people doing the identical moves.)

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