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I’m grateful for the readers who have contacted me to tell me of the profound insights they’ve gained from my writings here on my
Unleash Your Inner Strength website, and the dramatic life changes that they’ve experienced as a result.

Some have suggested that I make my writings available in an e-Book format, for the convenience of further reading and review.

With this in mind I’ve created the below “Unleash Your Inner Strength” e-Booklet.

I have chosen my five most popular written pieces from UnleashYour- and have compiled them in this 19-page

If you haven’t had a chance to read any of my powerful, life-altering writings yet, I strongly encourage you to click on any of the links below to obtain previews – you’ll be able to view and read each of these in their entirety (all five are what are contained in my e-Book):

Our Ultimate Quest: Empowering Emotions

The “I Already Have It, I Already Am It” Technique

Our Inner Obstacles to Feeling Good

Rejuvenation and Renewal

Seeking the Inner Path

My e-Booklet is available as an immediate download, for a small donation of $7, which will help to keep my website on-line.

Click Here To Make $7 Donation via PayPal and Access Download Area

If you’ve found the materials on my site to be of value and inspiration to you, as I trust that these have been, then I request that you please consider responding by making a small donation to keep this website going.

Of course, I’m aware there are ways you could get these writings from my website by copying and saving them on your own; but receiving my e-Booklet will save you the time and trouble of doing so – and you also get the convenient formatting of an e-Booklet.

As you read and review my e-Book at your leisure, you’ll be able to easily absorb the unique and inspiring thoughts, insights, and techniques that I have shared.

Continuing to review and expose yourself to this material, I believe, will significantly change how you feel throughout your day – I say this from first-hand and on-going experience!

Also, reviewing this information often will ensure that you’re able to further integrate it into your life, and will help to lead to dramatic life changes, similar to those that I and so many others have experienced in our lives, as a result.

Additionally…is there someone in your life, perhaps a loved one or a friend, who you think could benefit from reading the unique things I’ve written?  Please consider getting my e-Book in order to send to, or print out and  give to, that person as a gift to read. I’m sure they’d appreciate it, especially once they get drawn in to it and start reading it.  This information has been known to cause some profound shifts to happen in people’s lives…  :O)


As an added gift I’ll also include my popular and very comprehensive “Temple of Health” report in a convenient e-Booklet format.  This additional e-Booklet contains my Just the Essentials healthy eating guide, as well.  You can preview my “Temple of Health” report by clicking here.

I realize that not everyone who visits my website is able to afford to make a donation and obtain these e-Books.  However, I want this information to be as widely disseminated as I can possibly get it, because I know how powerful and transformative it is for those who become exposed to it.  Therefore, I’m committed to keeping my Unleash Your Inner Strength writings freely available on my website for as long as I’m able to, for the benefit of as many others as possible.  Your donation will help me to continue to spread this knowledge to others.

Thank you very much.


Eric Falcon

Click Here To Make $7 Donation via PayPal and Access Download Area

P.S.  When you click on the link above, you’ll go to a secure page on PayPal’s website, where you can use your PayPal account or any major credit card to make your donation.  (I never see or have access to any of your payment information.)  After your donation is received, PayPal will send you to the Download Page (which has my contact information in case you have any questions).  You’ll then be able to download my e-Booklets immediately as Adobe Acrobat PDF files, and save them on your computer.

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