Rejuvenation and Renewal

Since we are more than just physical bodies it’s critical that we take time to nourish and cultivate our minds and souls just as we do our bodies, for optimum energy, vitality, and renewal, as well as ultimate fulfillment in our lives. 

There are many ways to do this.

One of the most important ways is to take periodic breaks from your usual routine and get out into nature – anywhere there are trees, plants, or bodies of water nearby.

Whenever you have the opportunity, go walking, hiking, jogging, camping, and boating out in woods, forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, and along the ocean’s edge

Additionally, minimize your exposure to media that promotes mental turmoil and spiritual disharmony, such as many kinds of talk-radio shows and television shows, as well as violent movies. 

It’s okay to read the headlines of the paper and stay aware of current events, but do you really need to absorb all of the gory details of the latest murders, bombings, robberies, crime-sprees and other toxic events in the newspaper or on the radio or TV news?

A regular mental diet of these things can lead to increased amounts of daily stress as well as increased tensions (e.g., arguments, etc) at home and work, and may even be a main contributor to insomnia or poor sleep, if you have this problem.

Whenever possible, substitute your mental input of violent and toxic media reports with stimulating music, optimistic thoughts, and CD’s & audio recordings of inspirational and motivational speakers.

Another good way to renew and care for your soul is to attend a religious service or a weekly group study of the Scriptures or other inspiring books.  Also, taking some time each day to read a small portion of an inspirational book on your own is a further great way to stay out of the doldrums and keep your spirits lifted. 

Furthermore, consider adding some form of yoga, Tai Chi, or Qigong class to your weekly schedule.  These simple, beneficial ancient practices will not only re-energize you but will also improve your physical flexibility, balance, and sleep.  This may contribute to the healing of chronic ailments, as well as enhance mental and spiritual balance, along with feelings of contentment, in your life.

Last but certainly not least, I believe that daily prayer and meditation should be a part of everyone’s life – which can do nothing but good things for you.  Pick up a few books on these subjects and educate yourself, then get started!  Also, check out my daily prayer outline which I created, here.

© Eric Falcon 2010

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