I’d like to share with you the prime directive for living an amazing and fulfilling life:

Feel right now the way you would feel if…you already had everything that you desired in your life.

Invoke and cultivate inside of yourself the precise feelings which you would feel if… all that you desire or wish for in your life were already a reality, at the present time.

This is the key message that lies at the core of the great spiritual and metaphysical teachings.  It is the insight that popular movies like ‘The Secret,’ and books like ‘Law of Attraction,’ have been attempting recently to convey to the world.  It is the essential lesson taught by New Thought pioneers like Napoleon Hill and Neville Goddard, as well as modern-day authors like Denise Coates, and visionaries like Gregg Braden and Dr Wayne W. Dyer.

In 1944, Neville Goddard encapsulated this principle in the title of his powerful booklet, “Feeling is the Secret.”

Are you ready to begin to learn more about this ancient and powerful principle, as well as learn to integrate and master it in your life?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

First of all, we must become aware that there already resides within us an unlimited potential source of strength, energy, and intelligence, which is merely waiting for you and I to connect inwardly, and contact it.

We make this connection and contact by using a human instrument that’s innate in every one of us: feeling.

Feeling is the key to tapping into and channeling the inner strength and wisdom residing inside of you, and which ultimately comes from your true infinite Source – God.

Is it time perhaps for a transformation in your health, your weight, your finances, your relationships, or other major areas of your life?  Or, all of the above?

With the help of the resources that I’ve created for you and placed here on my website, I believe that you can experience the important transformations and life-changes that you desire.

First, I recommend for inspiration starting out by viewing several of my Must See Video Clips by clicking here.

Then, I highly recommend that you read my written piece I’ve entitled Our Ultimate Quest: Empowering Emotions.  It sums up my overall philosophy of life, and I believe you’ll gain valuable insights on what we’re really all seeking in life – and how to obtain it.  Click here to read it.

Be sure to then check out the unique insights in my piece entitled The “I Already Have It, I Already Am It” Technique, which is linked at the top of this page.  I believe that reading this will change your life. 

Please also enjoy the other inspiring resources that I’ve placed here on my website – there’ll be more coming in the future as well.

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I’m here to empower you, to inspire you, and to help you learn to feel it real.


Eric Falcon

The Inner Strength Coach ™

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