Eric Falcon’s Affirmations for Activating the Law of Attraction


Below is my first set of affirmations, which I created to be used for activating the ‘law of attraction.’ 

It is my belief and my experience that we attract into our outer lives the physical equivalents of the types of thoughts and feelings we nurture within ourselves on a consistent, long-term basis. 

If we regularly harbor thoughts and feelings of resentment and bitterness on a long-term basis, our lives start to manifest more things to feel resentful for and bitter about. 

However, as we train and condition ourselves to feel thoughts and feelings of gratitude, joy, and happiness, our lives reflect more and more outward manifestations to be grateful for and to be happy about.

You can use these affirmations as I’ve written them, or you can tailor them for your own use.

As you recite (or listen to) and integrate these uplifting affirmations in your life…over time, you realize that an abundance of positive thoughts, feelings, experiences, and ‘lucky coincidences” are increasingly manifesting in your life, on a spontaneous basis.  I know this from experience!

In addition to the list of my affirmations that I’ve placed below, I’ve also created an audio/video track of several of my affirmations for you, as well. 

Feel free to just sit back, relax, and listen to this.  Alternatively, you can keep it playing in the background while you do other things…and while your mind absorbs the empowering messages found in these affirmations.


Eric Falcon’s Affirmations:

An unlimited source of wealth surrounds me. I know that Gratitude is the foundation of all lasting riches and affluence. I live each day with a grateful and joy-filled heart; and as a result I continually attract to myself ever-greater manifestations of financial abundance and rewards.

Each morning I wake up filled with energy and enthusiasm to begin another day and to experience joy, fulfillment, and personal growth.

I feel the energy and strength of an all-powerful God, who is my Source, flowing through the veins, arteries and nerves of my whole body. By staying connected to my Source, I grow stronger, smarter, and happier each day.

My life is a reflection of the infinite intelligence, the limitless strength, and the abundant joy of God [my Source].

Each day of my life is a miracle. Each day I know that I receive healing, renewal, and regeneration from my Source, by staying grateful and joyful.

I have the power to create for myself feelings of joy, celebration, and thankfulness at any time and in any moment I choose, regardless of the outward circumstances. My happiness and fulfillment are not tied to any outward event or set of external conditions.

I regularly indulge in spontaneous feelings of joy as well as gratitude. I know that this healthy habit pattern contributes to my well-being and happiness, both now and in the future.

I habitually train and condition myself to spontaneously experience emotions of joy and celebration. I repeatedly and consistently choose to experience feelings of joy and gratefulness. More and more often, I feel these two great emotions arising in my life, automatically and effortlessly.

I regularly am awe-struck by the goodness and the glory of God [my Source]. I sense the radiance and magnificence of God [my Source] permeating every cell and molecule in my being. This awareness infuses me with inspiration and desire to be, to give, and to do my very best, in each moment.


I realize that the quality of thoughts and feelings that I consciously and consistently choose to experience within myself, are like seeds that I am sowing in my mind and body…which in time will surely yield a harvest after their own kind.

[Alt. version of the above]  Just as seeds that are planted and properly tended yield a harvest after their own kind, I know that the types of thoughts and feelings that I choose to consistently indulge in, over time, so also yield a harvest after their own kind.

I regularly choose thoughts and feelings of joy and gratitude in my life. As a result, I train and condition my mind and my body to produce further emotions of joy and gratitude, habitually and automatically. Through time and conditioning, I am becoming an increasingly more joyful and thankful person.

I realize that I may find myself, on occasion, reacting to either an event, circumstance, or thought with a ‘reactive feeling,’ such as that of anger, discouragement, or anxiousness. Whenever such reactive feelings may arise in me, I simply notice them, I accept them fully, and I allow them to occur… I remain present and I breathe deeply and fully. After these feelings have run their natural course, I then let these reactive feelings fall away, naturally and easily on their own. I avoid indulging in, or amplifying, these kinds of feelings when they arise.  Instead, I gradually and steadily begin to allow into my life again feelings of joy and gratitude.


The love, blessings, and provision of God [my Source] follow me wherever I go…and the strength of God [my Source] assists me to live victoriously each day.

I regularly feel the presence and closeness of God [my Source]…and this enriches my life, as well as expands my sense of inner fulfillment, continuously.

The all-knowing guidance of God [my Source] leads and directs all of my thoughts, words, and actions. This results in manifesting an abundance of health and wealth in my life, as well as harmony in all of my relationships.

 I am endlessly abundant in God’s [my Source’s] riches and provisions.

I surround myself with an aura of success, and my subconscious mind attracts prosperity and success continually. Money and wealth flow to me freely, naturally, and consistently.  I know that with the measure that I give, with that will I receive, plus more. I love my neighbor and myself equally. I give abundantly and generously, both to myself for my own needs, as well as to others to help with their needs, also.

I am an excellent decision-maker and I make decisions easily and rapidly. From all perspectives, the decisions and choices that I make turn out to be the healthiest and the most the appropriate ones, from among the alternatives.  My decisions are effective at helping me to achieve my goals; and I allow each of my decisions and choices to be guided by God’s infinite intelligence.  The choices I make result in my receiving the respect, trust, and confidence of others, ultimately.  Additionally, the decisions that I make result in financial prosperity, physical health, and emotional fulfillment, for myself and others close to me in my life.


I have vision, determination, and inspiration…as well as massive amounts of self-esteem and self-confidence.

I align with my deepest, truest purpose in life…and I pursue it and I achieve it.

I am a fully actualized, grounded, mature person, who is sure and confident. I always know where I’m going in life, and I continually stay open to the intelligent guidance and leading of God [my Source].

I know inside that I’m truly loved and adored by members of the opposite sex. They are attracted to me, as well as magnetized and drawn towards me, by my charisma, intelligence, health, and emotional maturity that I radiate, as well as by my eyes and my smile. And yet, despite this, I do not need or seek attention from anyone, in any way. I am completely free of the need for validation from others. I get an abundance of validation, acceptance, and love from God [my Source], who is my Master and Creator.

I am a fully integrated person. The child within me has been completely healed, and I am integrated in all aspects of my being – emotions, body, mind, soul, spirit, and subconscious mind. I am one with infinite intelligence, which is God [my Source]. 

God [this Source] is my Lord and King, whom I honor, and whose glory I see and reflected in my daily life. I draw upon the power which I find in worship and praise of my Creator.  The power of the Holy Spirit dwells within me, and the Holy Spirit infuses me with inner strength and wisdom, as well as protects me from all harm.

People who meet me, and know me, consider me to be a highly valuable human being, as well as a source of radiant, positive spiritual energy.  Additionally, I also see the inherent worth and value in all others around me.

I’m viewed by others as a ‘challenge’ to be pursued and sought after, but I’m ultimately never caught or conquered by anyone. My ego however, has been conquered, tamed, and regenerated by God [my Source]; and I always think, speak, and act from an ego-less state of being, as well as a servant-like frame of reference.

I draw out the best in people. Others around me are continually inspired and motivated towards excellence and success in their lives. People manifest only first class behavior in my presence. Harmony manifests in every one of my relationships.


I radiate sereneness, poise, self-control, supreme confidence, and high self-esteem, as well as high personal and social value. Personal ‘challenge’, mystery, and magnetism…emanate from within me, and overflow from my subconscious mind.

God [my Source] has made me into an instrument of the abundance from which I have originated. Just as my life is blessed, I am a blessing to those around me.

I radiate an overwhelming sense of presence wherever I go. I easily make friendships and relationships with attractive, smart, emotionally healthy and successful people. I manifest wealth and abundance throughout my life…and I am a channel, through which the positively creative forces of the universe flow.

Everything that I touch is blessed, and everything that I put my hand to prospers and flourishes.

I am grounded and centered. I have a deep-seated sense of center.

GRATITUDE is the foundation and basis of my life. I am continually grateful and thankful to God [my Source] for the abundant blessings and riches that I’ve been blessed with.

3 Responses to Eric Falcon’s Affirmations for Activating the Law of Attraction

  1. Yvonne says:

    Hi Eric, I discovered your website today via uTube and am delighted that I did so. I clicked on the Remember Who You Are video and it touched me deeply. I work with teenagers mostly and this is a video that I know I can use to geat effect. I have read the majority of the books you recommend,am inspired by the same people that inspire you and love the prayers that you have listed. It was a delight to feel so connected with you. I especially love that you so openly and unreservedly express your belief in God as your source and inspiration. Bless you, Yvonne.

    • ericfalcon says:

      Yvonne, Thank you for your encouraging words. The feeling of connection is mutual. Best regards, Eric Falcon

  2. Edi says:

    Great video Eric, beautiful and inspiring. Many thanks for sharing 🙂

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