Affirmations for Time Management Excellence


Hi everyone. Here is a video I created of my affirmations for excellent time management skills.

I recommend repeated viewings for best results.

Best of success and happiness to you!

– Eric Falcon
“Unleash Your Inner Strength!”


Eric Falcon’s Affirmations for Time Management Excellence:

I have superb time management and life management skills.

I cherish my time…and I know how valuable each moment is.  I seek to make the best use of my time each day.

I use my time wisely, effectively, and efficiently – at home and at work, and in all aspects of my life.

I prepare appropriately for my upcoming commitments and appointments.

I’m a highly productive person, in my work and personal life. 

I also live a well-balanced life; and I take time to properly care for my body, mind, and spirit.

I take sufficient time for rest and renewal.

I sharpen and hone my mental focus and concentration skills.

Also, I maintain high levels of motivation and inspiration…by cultivating gratitude and optimism.

I exhibit excellence in all aspects of time management – including prioritizing, preparing, punctuality, efficiency, and organizing.

I minimize distractions and dilly-dallying.

I put first things first in my life…I avoid time-wasting and low priority activities.

I’m a master of my time and personal affairs.

I show up prepared and on time for my commitments and appointments.

I’m so grateful to God for blessing me with sharp mental focus, as well as with inner poise, and self-confidence.

I also take pride in my good habits of preparedness, punctuality, and productiveness.  These constructive habits grow stronger in me each day.

I frequently review and recall my commitments and my tasks. 

I order my tasks according to priority…whenever necessary…from highest to lowest.

I start with my highest and higher priority tasks first… ahead of my lower priority tasks.

I know that many of my lower priority tasks often need not get done at all.

I’m appropriately prepared for my commitments and appointments.

I arrive on time…and I often arrive even five minutes early…for my commitments and appointments.

I’m thrilled to see what a prepared and punctual person that I’ve become, and that I am.

I’m delighted by my excellent time management skills, and I take special pride in this area of my life.

More and more…two of my strongest personal traits are my punctuality and my preparedness.

I’m someone who is punctual…and prepared.

I continuously improve my time management and personal management skills.

 I get better each day, at managing my time wisely and effectively.

More and more, I feel an abundance of energy, motivation, and inspiration to accomplish my high priority tasks and projects.

I make a habit of accomplishing my important tasks in an efficient and rapid manner.

I’m quick and efficient at the things I do.  I move swiftly and effectively, with whatever speed is necessary, to accomplish things well and appropriately.

I move with speed and swiftness as appropriate, for each situation.

I’m a well-prepared and punctual person.

I have a reputation among others as someone who shows up on time and prepared, for my commitments, appointments, and obligations.

I take sufficient time for relaxing, renewing, and rejuvenating, when necessary and appropriate.

I’m a highly effective and productive person. 

I thank God for blessing me with habits of productivity and effectiveness, which grow stronger each day.

I work hard and I work smart.

I’m aware of how precious each moment of time is, and I seek to make wise use of my time.

I am truly an exceptional time manager.

I’m focused and poised.

I give my full attention to the things I do, while also maintaining an appropriate amount of situational awareness regarding things around me, as well as upcoming important events and circumstances.

When appropriate, I work in blocks of time during which I stay focused and concentrated on the task at hand. 

I take sufficient breaks from my work; and I make adequate time for rest and renewal.

I regularly get a good night’s sleep. 

In the mornings, I wake up refreshed and relaxed, ready to start another day. 

I feel myself filled with energy and enthusiasm throughout the day.

I cultivate fulfilling and satisfying friendships and relationships with others.

The social encounters and interactions that I experience are enriching, satisfying, and fulfilling, for myself and for all others with whom I interact.

I have excellent interpersonal skills, which I seek to continuously refine and improve.

All parts of my self and my life are integrated, well-balanced, and unified – including my mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

I release, and I allow the full resolution of, any and all potential inner conflicts.

The inner child in me has been fully healed.

All elements of both my conscious and unconscious minds have been integrated and unified.

All aspects of my personality, mind, and self…work together with a common and singular focus and purpose.

I’m an integrated and self-actualized person, and one who knows where I’m going in life.

I’m clear on the purpose of my life and my life’s major intentions…which include to grow spiritually, to improve where I can personally, and to contribute to the lives of others, in meaningful ways.


Background Music Information:
Song 1: I Will Be Here (in the style of Gary Valenciano), Instrumental
Song 2: Lord I Lift Your Name On High (by Rick Founds), Instrumental

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