Life Energizer Number 1


Hi everyone.  This section of my website contains my various empowering affirmations videos for helping to activate the ‘law of attraction’.

Remember, though, the best and most empowering affirmation of all…is the silent joy that you feel and cultivate in your heart. 

This video is something I created as an aid for practicing that ‘culvitation of joy and gratitude in your heart’…the most powerful and direct means to a fulfilling and successful life.

As you watch this video, focus on fully experiencing in your body the empowering emotions that the pictures and images invoke.  (Tip: Repeated practice gives the best results!)

May your life be blessed with good health, happiness, and much love.

– Eric Falcon
The “Inner Strength” Coach™

One Response to Life Energizer Number 1

  1. Hemak says:

    Thank you, These are great affirmations. When I started reading, I just got into a meditative state. God Bless You!

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