“Rocky” Training Montages


You can’t help but be tremendously inspired while watching these training scenes, known as “montages,” from the epic ‘Rocky’ movie series.

Take some time to view these clips whenever you find yourself needing a little encouragement or motivation to get up and get going.  Let them help you to connect with your vision and your passion…and feel the fire in your soul again.

Sylvester Stallone helped to start a physical fitness revolution in the USA, when his unique and inspiring film ‘Rocky’ hit the movie theaters way back in 1976.   Millions of men and women still continue to be inspired and motivated to realize their full potentials for fitness and health, because of the Rocky film series.  This includes Sylvester Stallone himself, who’s still running and lifting strong daily….while in his early/mid 60’s!

The video clips are all below.  Click on each one to view.

(If you don’t see them below, please click here to go to my “More Inspiration” section, and then scroll downward.) 




One Response to “Rocky” Training Montages

  1. UTP says:

    those were some great movies…for sure…

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